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Monash Pumps (ASIA) CO.,LTD

As an AU based pump manufacturer, Monash's precision-engineered pumps and associated systems are installed both in the AU and globally, in all continents providing valuable high integrity services for diverse industries, such as Hotel and Officebuild, industrial water and wastewater treatment, construction, and large industrial plants.

Our pumps are manufactured in Australia and distribute globally in key applications where quality and engineering matters most. Some example pump system industry applications include industrial water treatment & supply, sewage & waste water, and critical fire protection, for which our low life cycle cost series pumps and environmental considerations are key fundamental design priorities.

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Building office @ Bangkok

Set Pumps system form monash with professional engineer team.

Hotel @ Phu ket

Onsite services support to hotel groups.

Hotel @ Bangkok

Setup Pumps system with onsite services.